Sunday, 24 January 2016

Volunteered assistance

So far chortle has been left but for winterising. But every weekend i jave tried to find a wee job o cam do. This has mostly been removing unwanted fittings. Fergus has now and again offered to help this has been very encouraging for dad. All these little jobs will easy to work in the spring when i set too full time to get chortle cruising ready for the sea way. Spending a lot of time working out what, how and in what order the work schedual should look like. Having had the survey done all the major stuff is good, so all tlc may now be applied without fear of wasting my time. Buffing and protecting gel coat is not a job i am looking forward to however did a test patch yesterday and although mindless and it is now shiny. Oh dear am i fulling pre to shiny things.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Happy below the waterline cleaner


Fergus was very happy to scrape the bottom of the boat clean of barnickles. One of the many jobs to come. We also bought a pressure washer this proved very interesting to the children kept them busy for hours building it and then experimenting with all the attachments until the boat was clean took them more than a days efforts. The pressure washer did not clean it all of though go old elbo grease will be required by dad and some intermit scraping to prep air the hull in the spring and warmer weather to apply the copper coat. 

How we strapped chortle the bulged keeled Sadler 29 down to the Lorry.

We used industrial rubber coal conveyor belt to sit the keels on and these large 220 x 75 mm timbers to brace her from moving about. The cross timbers were also screwed down to the Lorry bed with 7 x110 mm screws.