Saturday, 30 July 2016

Coppercoat dawn shift


Absolute hell! Fortunately i had a very patient helper yesterday and all night until 6 this morning! The goo was not going on very well at a humidity level below the on tin recommendation. So we built our selves a little play den round the boat in the late afternoon so we work in to the damp cold night. This we heated with two halogen heaters three 1000w site lights and a fan heater, what fun. This below water anti foiling has to got on coat on just dry coat so it cures chemically as one. Well it looks fantastic now after some serious effort. I did a 24hr shift yestarday from 6 am to 6 am this morning. But the jobs are done in lime with the schedule and the launch date of 9 aug. The joys of having booked the hiab lorry!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Hull base coat

Finally after a grinding of the keels experience i will not forget or physically recover from in any short time, the below water hull is epoxy base coated only two more layer to go then copper coat on Thursday. Painting is going to feel like a holiday after the keels grinding job.

Every bit of help

Every bit of help is appreciated and here is hoping the crew lending hands to chortles refurbishment will share the joy and pride of here launch.

Monday, 18 July 2016

New engine first start

Starting chortles new engine for the first time after all the work i have done in its instalation has been a much bigger relief than expected. It amazing!

Speakers and instrument panel

Done. Ticking them off at a pace now these were done on sunday.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Wiring the instruments are on

Finished! Not quite still have to tidy up and put everything away and test everything. Began finding the fuses and testing last night, of course the hi tech instrument to wi fi gadget did not work as i wanted, but the ebay bargain basement china made bluetooth amp worked really well. Had a few moments aboard testing the gas system and cooker making a wiring completion celebratory cup of tea with the family. Fergus amd freyja were as excited as dad but mum was much less impressed. The admiralty expect a summer holiday afloat and as yet seem unconvinced anything close to a holiday is on the summer schedule. Life is tough, welcome to the world of boat ownership, and captaincy. Renovating the boat your self comes with so many unexpected pleasures and home truths. I Just keep taking the blame and keep smiling, i can take it in exchange for the freedom of self driven adventure.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Well, apart from all the instruments, new light fittings and bulbs the wiring is connected. From experience i dont believe for min it is perfect, so far the panel lights come on, testing will start in the morning, oh i nearly forgot the navigation instruments, vhf and fm radio are yet to be wired. My little assistance were as excited as i was to see the lights in the d. panel come on. Small steps. Green comes on with engine isolator and red with house hopefully it will remind us to switch it off when not needed!

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

So much time

Making a thorough job takes so much time. Here are the wiring looms that will live behind the seances and what they looked like after i dragged them through the distribution panel. The panel was in then had to come and out again having forgot some more wires i had forgot. I have been wiring all day and the panel is still not done. Can not quite believe how long it takes. I have a better idea now. Freyja has been helping me on and off all day and loving it, trimming wires, crimping , shrink sealing and labelling with stickers. Fergus has independently fitted two sockets to the cockpit transom and made a lovely job of them. They are becoming more and more familiar with chortle and can't wait to move in. Jenny has been hard at work on the deck doing the thankless job of cleaning the old adhesive from under the treadmate with asatone and paper towel and lots of elbow grease, the deck will be as it should be shortly if she doesn't go mad.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Retro switch panel

Its like building a space ship. Or the set of a sci fi film. I love it i have to admit. Serviceable electrics is a new phenomena.

Fergus the inventor

Fergus knocked this up with freyja's help to dispense the solder. Thank you fergus. Brilliant.

Wiring centre move

Wiring is no small operation, the wheel barrow was not big enough to fit it all in. Fergus was in charge of moving shop to aboard chortle.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016


is slow sometime but it is reassuring to know the job is being done well.

Chortle is suppose to be our summer cruising machine but..... Well it should be done quite soon and time enough for some adventure here is hoping, its all taken a wee bit longer than the schedule i made, but no hidden surprises so far initial inspections and pro survey suggested not, but my eyes remain wide open. Chortle is insight of being some machine, a good wee ship, new engine and solar pv and a toilet in its own cabin........
Hot cold water, what! Gas oven, and a heater, never known the like, cant wait to have her in the water, but good things take time i keep reminding jenny.

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In deep

The wiring is a little involved and time consuming. Fergus and freyja have enjoyed shrinking the insulation sleeves and soldering. The hydraulic crimper is the favourite though does a lovely job of the big cables.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Boat Wiring tour

Wiring distribution

So have now designed the distribution board, its box is made and now fitting all the internals. Switches fuses and gadgets will all be on glorious display behind its clear acrylic front and LED lite from within as indicator lights as to isolation switches on reminders. Oh the joys of getting carried away. Fergus' little fingers are being kept very busy keeping up the pace of progress. The sooner its done the sooner we can have our holiday afloat, doing wonders for family motivation to help daddy.