Tuesday, 12 July 2016

So much time

Making a thorough job takes so much time. Here are the wiring looms that will live behind the seances and what they looked like after i dragged them through the distribution panel. The panel was in then had to come and out again having forgot some more wires i had forgot. I have been wiring all day and the panel is still not done. Can not quite believe how long it takes. I have a better idea now. Freyja has been helping me on and off all day and loving it, trimming wires, crimping , shrink sealing and labelling with stickers. Fergus has independently fitted two sockets to the cockpit transom and made a lovely job of them. They are becoming more and more familiar with chortle and can't wait to move in. Jenny has been hard at work on the deck doing the thankless job of cleaning the old adhesive from under the treadmate with asatone and paper towel and lots of elbow grease, the deck will be as it should be shortly if she doesn't go mad.

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  1. Keep going all of you. A grand job. You should all be so proud.