Saturday, 16 July 2016

Wiring the instruments are on

Finished! Not quite still have to tidy up and put everything away and test everything. Began finding the fuses and testing last night, of course the hi tech instrument to wi fi gadget did not work as i wanted, but the ebay bargain basement china made bluetooth amp worked really well. Had a few moments aboard testing the gas system and cooker making a wiring completion celebratory cup of tea with the family. Fergus amd freyja were as excited as dad but mum was much less impressed. The admiralty expect a summer holiday afloat and as yet seem unconvinced anything close to a holiday is on the summer schedule. Life is tough, welcome to the world of boat ownership, and captaincy. Renovating the boat your self comes with so many unexpected pleasures and home truths. I Just keep taking the blame and keep smiling, i can take it in exchange for the freedom of self driven adventure.

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