Tuesday, 10 May 2016

engine beds

This has not been something i was looking forward too and the hot weather 30 deg. C in the boat today has not helped, cutting into to the glass fibre of the engine bay beds and re-making them for the new engine, is still only part way done on day two. About the most hideous job done so far, cramped hot frustrating and very critical to get it right and accurate. Pleased i am doing it myself though to know it is done to standard. Well so far its not to bad but not with out furious concentration and hard work, the joys of doing a job never done before. After some very careful measurements of the engine, making a jig to attach to the prop shaft coupling, marking out cutting into the old beds and fashioning some bits of teak, the engine was lifted in to test its new bed and it very reassuringly fits, basically as the instillation manual says it should 85mm off its bed. So now into the glassing it all together and making good the big holes i have made.

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