Sunday, 30 October 2016

more dolphins

this weekend saw more dolphins and cheered the tired and not over enthusiastic crew up no end.


  1. great video. We have a photo of Chuckle with dolphins swimming at the bow all within 100 yds of Berwick pier. Hope to get her into Eyemouth in the next week or so weather and work permitting!

  2. look forward to meeting you soon. hope you find a fine day to sail to eyemouth.

    1. well, Chuckle is in her berth at Eyemouth. Picked a cold grey and overcast day to set off. Wind was forecast a 3 but vanished as soon as we cleared Berwick estuary so we ended up motoring all the way. Enormous swell so much so that a member of the public reported us as in difficulty. Fortunately I was able to cancel the search and rescue before it began! Cold grey overcast and raining all the way but we made it.