Monday, 10 April 2017

Forth traffic

Fergus took these lovely shots of the gannets that kept returning to visit our wake. We were told on a bbc tv nature program these birds have been doing very well on fisher mans by catch, as they are fed the by catch and other fish waste from the back of the fishing boats, these birds have not worked out though that we are not a fishing boat.

Cross the shipping was exciting and required our full attention, taking bearings of boats as we approached there routes and sighting some to confirm they were at anchor. On approaching the path of the big red one we were at a bit of a low angle to hit its bow on our preferred course for st abbs head at 5 knots, so we changed course to cross three Nm ahead of it at 90 degrees to its path and put the revs up to make 6 knots. this big bad red tanker was moving at 5 knots and we did not want to give her bridge anything else to be concerned about. The use of our ipad with ais data streaming to its inavx navigation application was of some reassurance our collision vectors were under control and our eyes were working as they should.

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  1. Great Gannet Photos! And pleased there has been no international shipping disasters. Love to you all x