Monday, 26 February 2018

High and dry

Chortle is presently high and dry on ardrossen's hard. With a forecast of -3'C for the next few nights and having wrongly assumed it would not get that cold on the west near the sea i had to go and pump anti freeze into the sea water cooling system of the engine and drain the domestic water pump, a job i had forgotten to do on Saturday. Now with the flue i did not want to go, but had little choice. Anyway i made it there and back and did the frost proofing and made use of my time going through wiring terminal checks, refitting some lights and having a meeting with the coppercoat man. He was very nice and politely agreed i could let the rusty blisters on the keel grow for a year or two with out any harm coming to then and blast it and seal it again when its got worse than it is now.

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